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Probably one of the most annoying things when you’re leveling in World of Warcraft is a horde coming along and killing you, then waiting for you to come back so they can kill you again. World of Warcraft is special in that the players there are used to spending a lot of their time waiting for a small amount of fun, so you will find that people will wait for a long time just so they can spawn kill you quickly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been spawn killed for upwards of half an hour, leaving me about five to ten experience bars short of where I should be. In order for you not to have this problem, you need to devise a strategy for getting out of these situations, which may be very easy or hard depending on how well you’ve prepared for it.

The best way to get away from people in any situation on World of Warcraft is the ability to camouflage yourself in some way in order to hide as soon as you respawn. This works especially well for rogues and night elves, as each of them have the ability to stealth in some way and get away from people who are around the same level as them. Unfortunately, if you happen to run into one of the guys who are level 80 and like to spawn kill low level characters then you’re in trouble because they can most likely find you even if you are invisible, so in this case you need another plan of action.

For all the other characters who don’t have some type of stealth or who can’t use it because they will be found anyway (probably through trying to spawn and stealth before), you do have another option if you are in a forest or place with big trees such as Stranglethorn Vale. World of Warcraft has lots of little ways for you to get out of situations like this and one of my favorite is to search around the area for the guy who’s trying to kill you and then spawn somewhere behind a tree near where you are. Most likely you will be able to hearth (or teleport if you’re lucky enough to be a Mage in this situation). The enemies you will end up facing will have to search around and this will take much more time than you need to get away.

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