When purchasing fifth wheel hitches, the two things you need to look for are safety and security. Most hitches are easy to install and maintain, but you need to make sure you buy a good one with a reputable brand name. Buying a good fifth wheel hitch means you can relax in the cab knowing the rest of the rig is firmly secured to the towing vehicle.

Travel trailers and pop-ups are hitched to the back of your car, but Fifth Wheel Hitches mount to a special component in the bed of a pick-up truck. This specific arrangement typically requires a compatible towing vehicle with some considerable towing power. Like the run-of-the-mill travel trailer, Fifth Wheel Hitches offer their owners the flexibility to unhitch the RV and take the truck around sightseeing or to more remote areas.

Fifth Wheel Hitches and Other RVs

Today, there are so many types of RVs available it would take a team of writers a year to mention them all. Winnebago, Teton, Airstream, Newell, and Bluebird are just a few of the many manufacturers of RVs in today market and all offer an array of floor plans and options that could make your head spin. Some rigs are the size of a school bus and others as little as a VM bug.

General travel trailers are typically larger than pop-ups and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from a small bedroom-sized travel trailer to big apartment-sized travel trailers. Manufacturers build these rigs close to the ground because they have to be pulled by an appropriately rated tow vehicle. Since many of these rigs are similar, many travel trailer parts are transferable.

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