Family camping can range from braving the elements in a tent you pitched yourself to a comfortable two bedroom tent with heater and stove. You can arrange family camping trips through a travel agent, by yourself, or with the assistance of the staff at an outdoor adventure or sporting facility. The staff of an outdoor adventure company will probably have the best available information about camping areas or facilities nearby.

Family Camping Options

Camping can be an adventure in and of itself, or it can provide you with a place to sleep at night while you spend your days off having even wilder adventures. If you like the idea of lying out at night under the stars, or sitting around a campfire and telling stories and making s’mores, but don’t particularly relish the idea of being unable to shower for several days on end, don’t despair. There are a number of campsites throughout the country where you can make use of bathroom and shower facilities, and even casual dining facilities on-site while still providing enough distance between campsites that you still retain the camping experience.

A lot of the best sites for family camping will have not only bath and shower facilities, but also grills and campfire areas where staff monitor campfires so you don’t have to worry after you go to bed. You can even find campgrounds with games and sports facilities, from swimming to archery, horseshoes to volleyball. Once you’ve invested in camping equipment, you can find places all around the country to stay and make use of it while enjoying the particular amenities and activities of that particular site.

If you really don’t feel like roughing it, but want a relatively inexpensive way to lodge your family while on vacation, there are a lot of campgrounds which offer domiciles that are more like cabins than tents. Having your own bathroom, kitchen, and beds, as well as actual windows with screens to keep out the bugs, may not be an extremist’s view of camping, but it may be just what you’re looking for to keep your family safe and happy. It can be a lot more comfortable to come home to a cabin and a bed after a day of extreme sports than to a sleeping bag on the ground! Rubber toys will keep your dog busy playing while you are enjoying the outdoors.

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