Compact Dishwashers clean like full-size models you have in your house, but take up less than half the space. You can operate these dishwashers on your kitchen countertop or build a small cabinet to put it in. Compact dishwashers have incredibly modern and efficient systems-using efficient re-circulation of hot water and detergent, it uses just 3.4 gallons of water for a normal cycle, but circulates over 10 gallons per minute for the dishes.

If you decide to go on the road for an extended period of time, chances are you will need to do laundry. Other RV appliances worth looking into are washers and dryers. Life on the road means clothes get dirty, especially if you are venturing out into the wilderness. These days you can find good, water-conserving, efficient RV washers and dryers for under $1000.


Compact Dishwashers and Other RV Options

So many options exist today for those wishing to purchase an RV. Most recreational vehicles come stocked with every major appliance and amenity you would find in a normal home, including washers, dryers, compact dishwashers, Coleman stoves, microwaves, trash compactors, and refrigerators. Today’s RVs can literally pass for tasteful, cozy little homes. Your budget will dictate how much luxury you can put into it.

So, you are strolling around your motor home and you suddenly realize something is missing, that you need some motor home accessories to spruce things up a bit. Maybe your bike needs a bike rack for RV or perhaps your RV mirrors don’t quite provide enough vision for the driver. Whatever your need is, have a look around and make a list of the different motor home accessories your rig could use.

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