One of the most easiest way to earn money in Second Life is by camping. Now, what is camping in Second Life. When we say camping in Second Life it’s not about going to the wilderness and setting up camp and singing songs by the fire. It’s when an avatar or a resident stays at parcel of land for a period of time which then raises the land’s traffic numbers. The longer an avatar stays on that land the higher the traffic the land will get from him. That is why, land owners are paying residents or avatars to camp on their land to increase it’s traffic.

Camping devices like dance pads, camping chairs, zone campers and others have been created to aid land owners in their camping needs. This devices can be configured to pay avatars a specified amount of linden dollars for a specified lenght of time. Before, land owners pay upto 5L$ per 10 minutes but now it has gone down to 1L$ per 10 minutes and in some places it can be lower and longer than that.


Still, many new residents or members of Second Life use camping to earn their first linden dollars. I know a few well known Second Life residents who started their Second Life this way and I’m not ashame to admit that I also started earning my first linden dollars from camping.

Today, the number of campers (avatars who camp) far exceeds the number of camping locations. Some owners don’t pay for camping anymore since many of them have learned to camp on their land themselves through the use of alts and bots.

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