Since most RVs are literally homes on wheels, it’s sometimes easy to forget things like camper jacks, propane, oil, and other essentials. We remember food and water, and snacks and card games and maps and movies, but we fail to forget the things that will help get us there and the things that we keep us there safely. Check out an RV supply store or the respective online website to see what camper jacks best suit your RV needs.

If you have a trailer, you will need a jack that can lift your trailer tongue up high enough so that it remains level with the rest of the RV. You also need a jack that can hold a serious amount of weight, especially considering all the new RVs coming out on the market. Electric camper jacks are growing in popularity for obvious reasons-they do the job quickly and easily.

Camper Jacks Keep the Vacation Steady

Have you ever been in a house or a rig that’s on an incline or decline. Things roll off the table, people slip and fall, and things tumble over. Pardon the pun, but it’s an unsteady feeling being in such a place. That’s why your RV must have some sort of jack that can hold its weight and remain steady for a prolonged period of time.

Today, there are so many types of RVs available it would take a team of writers a year to mention them all. Winnebago, Teton, Airstream, Newell, and Bluebird are just a few of the many manufacturers of RVs in today market and all offer an array of floor plans and options that could make your head spin. Some rigs are the size of a school bus and others as little as a VM bug, and all should be equipped with a jack.

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