Camping with young kids, beyond smores and campfire songs: Enjoy nature with your children – Kids naturally enjoy the outdoors so why not take them camping?! Here is a resource guide for some fun activities to do with your child while camping. To make sure your child doesn’t get bored with the great outdoors be sure and pack, coloring books, crayons, markers, a few empty jars, scissors, shoe boxes and construction paper.

Going on a hike? Turn it into a treasure hunt! Uses a map provided by the campsite or simply have your children make their own map. Make a list of objects for your child to watch for and if the campsite will allow, collect. A few ideas could be a maple leaf, pine cone, blue flower, smooth rock, grasshopper, etc. Use the shoe …

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Best Camping Sites Near Chicago, Illinois - Thrillist

Memorial Day has almost arrived and the weather forecast is absolutely perfect for the Chicago area. Temperatures in the mid 70s will make for ideal camping conditions. Here are five parks within two hours of Chicago for great family camping.

Illinois Beach State Park – Illinois Beach State Park is only 60 miles away with a huge lakefront area along Lake Michigan. Swimming is the main recreation area here, but the park also has great hiking, birding, boating, and biking.

Starved Rock State Park – Starved Rock is two hours away from Chicago near the I-80 and I-39 junctions along the Illinois River. Several canyons and waterfalls are easily accessible through the park trails. There is also great fishing, boating, birding, and horse riding opportunities in the park. Matthiessen State Park is only a …

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Such a variety of places to camp and types of camping that only general rules for camping safety can be outlined.  For some people, camping is staying anyplace less than the Ritz-Carlton.  For others, camping only takes place in a tent.  Those who really enjoy roughing it will think that a tent is for weaklings.  They will only camp if they can build their own shelter from what is available in nature.

Obviously, each of these scenarios has its own set of potential hazards and safety needs. Given that most camping takes place outdoors in less-than-perfect places, some safety precautions need to be taken regardless of the type or location of the camp site. Use a tie out stake to keep your dog from running away and getting lost.

Always have a first-aid kit available.

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If you are anything like me when it comes to camping then you absolutely love it. Being a part of the outdoors, the clean fresh air, and of course getting away from the noise of everyday life such as the TV, telephone, radios and so on makes camping that much more enjoyable.

However, if you are like me then you also have small children and as you know this could put a damper on your camping plans. I prefer to camp in the cooler spring and autumn months and with a small child that is a big no-no, or can be if you have a wife that tells you it is.

Coming to a compromise my wife and I decided to look into renting a cabin. I am not talking your full fledged and decked …

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Family camping can range from braving the elements in a tent you pitched yourself to a comfortable two bedroom tent with heater and stove. You can arrange family camping trips through a travel agent, by yourself, or with the assistance of the staff at an outdoor adventure or sporting facility. The staff of an outdoor adventure company will probably have the best available information about camping areas or facilities nearby.

Family Camping Options

Camping can be an adventure in and of itself, or it can provide you with a place to sleep at night while you spend your days off having even wilder adventures. If you like the idea of lying out at night under the stars, or sitting around a campfire and telling stories and making s’mores, but don’t particularly relish the idea of …

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If you are new to camping or are thinking about taking this activity up then I say what took you so long.  Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and everything the environment has to offer.  The best part is there are many levels of variety to camping and there is certainly one that fits your level and your needs.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what exactly is the reason for you to go, or start going if you have never done it?  If you are an absolute beginner and have never gone before, I recommend going with someone that has.  Not to say that you won’t be able to handle camping without them, but going with someone that has some experience will fill in the blanks, so …

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There are only a few excellent, reputable RV camping supply stores and they are worth traveling to. If you own an RV, rent an RV, or just like to camp under truck be tents, you need to visit one of the great RV camping supply stores available to you. You will feel like a kid at a candy store; there is so much to explore and so much to know. These place also have trained sales staff who can help you find what you need.

In fact, if you examine today’s Recreational Vehicle manufacturers, you will discover that many of them began operating in the 1950s and 1960s. Advancements in aerodynamic design and interior comforts abound along the RV’s evolutionary path. Some of the newest luxury RV’s are actually buses with turbo diesel engines, with …

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One of the most easiest way to earn money in Second Life is by camping. Now, what is camping in Second Life. When we say camping in Second Life it’s not about going to the wilderness and setting up camp and singing songs by the fire. It’s when an avatar or a resident stays at parcel of land for a period of time which then raises the land’s traffic numbers. The longer an avatar stays on that land the higher the traffic the land will get from him. That is why, land owners are paying residents or avatars to camp on their land to increase it’s traffic.

Camping devices like dance pads, camping chairs, zone campers and others have been created to aid land owners in their camping needs. This devices can be configured to …

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Camping can be an expensive endeavor to properly outfit for but if a camper can find great deals on camping accessories the cost of enjoying the outdoors can be reduced to at least that of an affordable activity. An individual that is new to camping can be quite easily shell-shocked when they walk into a sporting goods store and view the prices of top-notch accessories, however a with a few great deals on camping accessories the money that is saved on necessary camping items can mean more accessories can be purchased. While this may not immediately sound like a big deal, the art of camping is all about being comfortable in a tough setting and to find great deals on camping accessories means that some level of comfort will be assured.

The best places to …

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Cherry Hill Campground in the Sumter National Forest in South Carolina is of note for various reasons. Not only is it located in a National Forest that provides a lot of recreational opportunities including hiking across state lines, if you don’t mind getting wet, Cherry Hill Campground is one of the nicest National Forest Campgrounds that I have seen.

Nestled into the Sumter National Forest along South Carolina’s border with Georgia and near to the state’s border with North Carolina, Cherry Hill campground offers about 30 camping sites at a low National Forest price. However, included in the low price common to National Forest campgrounds are both hot showers and flush toilets which are somewhat uncommon in National Forest campgrounds. Aside from the nice facilities Cherry Hill’s camping sites are large and spacious, offer a …

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