Who would have known that broadband internet access and RV satellite Tv would one day be available on a rig. One can literally experience same amenities and frills in their recreational vehicles as they can in their permanent homes. Now you have no excuse to fall behind on your favorite programs even if you go on an extended vacation to the Rocky Mountains.

Many of us like the feeling of home even when we go on vacation. This is why a number of hotel chains use taglines that evoke feelings of home and security. Let’s face it-television helps most of us feel at home and still serves as the number one form of entertainment in the country. With today’s technology, we can enjoy Mother Nature’s many gifts during the day, and retire to our RVs …

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Lodi, Ark– While campers slept peacefully in their camping ground areas. Deadly waters towered over their camping grounds; leaving many fighting for their lives, and struggling to stay afloat in the treacherous waters. According to the Arkansas News many families where vacationing in the Ouachita National Forest. There have been 15 confirmed deaths out of the 18 victims, and the worries are there may be more in the following days to come. The flood waters reached 8 feet per hour, over taking the area with extreme force.

The search crew continues to search for any signs of survivors. There are still over two dozen people, who have not been found. Many fear the searches will soon become a recovery. There is so much debris that is getting in the way of the search. There …

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Memorial Day is just around the corner. With a little planning, you can make it a memorable holiday getaway for your family and your friends. If you find yourself in the East Texas area, consider enjoying a truly wonderful camping experience at Tyler State Park.

Tyler State Park is located about two miles north of Interstate 20 on FM 14 north of Tyler on Park Road 16. Road signs are clearly posted directing you to the park, so it is pretty easy to find. This road leading to the park is fairly ordinary, so you would never expect to find such a place of beauty hidden behind all those trees. There are rolling hills, a lake with a hiking trail, boats and kayaks to rent, among other things. There are also some really cool places …

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Camping is an adventurous vacation. This is a real fun of being out with less facilities and experiencing real treasure of nature. The world is full of camping places. Adirondack is a wonderful wilderness place to do camping. It offers plenty of adventurous places and things to experience. Adirondack is located in northern New York. Adirondack State Park is situated in six million acre area. The largest park in the mainland United States Adirondack is a unique patchwork of private and public lands. This is administered by the York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Adirondack Park Agency. Adirondack camping offers experience of unspoiled wilderness. There are so many campgrounds. Campsites and hotels are located on the waterfront. Adirondack is such a place which offers people to visit any time or any season in …

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Florida’s 140-plus State Parks feature diverse arrays of topography, wildlife, activities, and outdoor adventures. There are waterfall parks, sand pine forest parks, beach parks, and wildlife parks, most of which permit–even encourage–overnight camping. The options are dizzying, and the choices can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the area. Many online reference tools only add to the confusion, since they only list park hours, and camping fees.

Free, Intelligent Guide to Florida’s National Parks

Enter a handy, free, government website for Florida state parks. Sponsored by Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, www.floridastateparks.com is a very useful tool for finding the perfect park. This website is full of photographs of the different parks, and features excellent individual thumbnail descriptions. They also list those which are pet-friendly, and have a sort feature based on activities.

Once you …

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For those RVers who like to visit the hot spots (literally) like the deserts of Arizona or areas along the Gulf of Mexico, camper air conditioners could save your life. The newer air conditioners use less power and provide more cooling power. When you visit the sultry Gulf Coast, there is no substitute for good camper air conditioners. You should also look into fans and other energy saving options.

If you decide to purchase an RV from a private party, it is essential to ask a few pertinent questions. You should always ask the sellers why they are selling the RV and how long they have owned it. In addition, you should ask them what they really liked and disliked about the rig. Finally, ask if anyone owned the RV before them and if they …

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Cross-country skiing and heading south are good alternatives; however, staying inside only leads to frustration and cabin fever.  There is no reason to stop hiking because of the weather.  In fact, some of the best backpacking can be done when snow magically covers the landscape.  Here are seven reasons to keep hiking.

  1. Unlimited source of water – One of the biggest dilemmas in backpacking is a source of water.  Survival experts tell us we can go days without food, but not even one without water.  Snow provides an unlimited supply of water.  Melt the snow and in minutes the canteen is full.
  2. Winter is more beautiful – There is something haunting about the scenery when the trees are fringed with snow.  Think of a  painting done by a competent painter of a scene in the

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Camping in Florida allows for entire families–pets included–to enjoy a great holiday together. Some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, and state, federal, national, and privately owned camping parks are located in the Sunshine State. Florida boasts nearly 150 state parks alone, many of which feature beaches, and are pet friendly.

Campgrounds: One Word, Many Meanings

The sheer variety of campgrounds in Florida can be more than a little overwhelming. State Parks feature areas for camping, as do some National Forests. There are public campgrounds, private campgrounds, rv sites, and even luxury rv resorts. The terminology alone can leave a vacation planner’s head spinning.

The term “campground” can mean anything from a plot of earth to a fully developed, resort-like park, complete with swimming pools and tennis courts. In general, public campgrounds are those run …

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Tygart Lake State Park, located in Central West Virginia, is an ideal family vacation destination. The ten mile long Tygart Lake is a 1700 acre lake that is fed by the Tygart River with the dam setting near the town of Grafton. The dam is a concrete structure 230 feet high and 1900 feet wide. An overlook at the park provides a breathtaking view of the serene lake and the roaring river exiting the dam.

Tygart is known regionally for its abundance and variety of fish. The lake contains small and large mouth bass, musky, crappie, walleye and perch among others. The tail waters of the dam are stocked with trout. When the bite is good, an angler can catch his limit in less than an hour. There are multiple launch points into the lake …

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High school.

Yes, those were the days.

Boys were men, girls were women, geeks were nerds and puff the magic dragon was all the rage. It was a time when all us youngsters were still attempting to figure out who we were. Some still are, but I digress.

It was summer, a time for fishing, swimming, biking and even a camping trip adventure. And so the story begins with a handy checklist of required necessities for the trip.

Sleeping bag? Check.

Clothes? Check.

Hair drier? Check.

Alarm clock? Check.

Electric blanket? Check.

I was ready for camping in style, the style of a nerd that is. Whatever did happen to those elevator shoes I wonder?

Arriving at our camp I immediately set to the task of unpacking just as everyone else did. The others seemed …

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